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Happy Thanksgiving from SQL Feather and Quill

Happy Thanksgiving – sorry it’s a day late – I’ve had some technical difficulties up in Grand Marais.  I’m writing this in response to Jason Strate’s (blog/twitter) post asking “What are you thankful for?”  This year, I’ve got many, many things to be thankful for.  I try to keep my life simple:  Family, Work and Running.  Usually in that order…


Always #1!  I’ve got a great family that I’m very thankful for and some unbelievable friends.  Here’s a link to the Family Photo Site – see tons of photos of my family.  Here are some of my favorite group shots and my two 11 year old dogs.

My Family - plus the neighborThe in-laws at Clemson Gustavus Friends

Maggie Adrian


I’m very thankful that my career has taken an unexpected turn – in a good way.  I’ve got lots of new opportunities coming up… 

  • Some time to actually do development DBA work.
  • Keeping up this blog.
  • Working with others on the MN SQL Pass executive board
  • Coaching Dale Carnegie class 


I’ve been blessed with good health.  For some reason I like running – at times I’m not exactly sure why…but I’m very thankful for it!  I get to run the Boston Marathon this year.  Read all about the trials and tribulations I went through to qualify and raise money for the American Cancer Society here.

Jim and I - Twin Cities 2010 It should be an interesting year ahead!

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