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T-SQL Tuesday #014 – The 3 P’s


This month’s T-SQL Tuesday’s topic is “Resolutions”  and is hosted by Jen McCown (Blog/Twitter).

Here’s how I see it, my 2011 resolutions break down to the 3 Ps:  PASSMN, Powershell and Present.  If I do all of these, at the end of the year, I’ll say OH, what a year!


I am on the PASSMN Executive Board as the Director of Technology for 2011.  I want to do my best in that role to, not only help the PASSMN group, but also to help me meet more people in the SQL world.  I’m impressed with the board members and our user community as well.  This gets me out from behind the keyboard and gives me a chance to rub elbows with some very interesting people.


I want to work more with powershell.  I’ve read about it and attended two presentations on it.  I dabbled with it on the flight back from PASS.  Then my daily work got the better of me and my powershell scripts collected dust.  The other day, I started playing around with it and began to realize the power of it when I re-wrote our entire database deploy process in about an hour.  I tweeted that and I got the most buzz on twitter I’ve ever had.  In the past 3 days I’ve dabbled in it more and I’ve refined a few things.  I like the power of it as well as the ease of use.  I want to continue to learn about powershell.


I’m going to do it this year – I’m going to present some topic to some people.  What the topic is and who the people are, I’m not sure.  Some of my ideas are:

  • A presentation on using DMVs for performance tuning for my developer co-workers
  • A General SQL Performance Series to my developer co-workers
  • Present something at a SQL Saturday Event
  • Present something at a PASSMN Monthly meeting

I’m on the look out for what the “something”s are.  Maybe I’ll do a powershell presentation at the PASSMN meeting – that would kill 3 birds with one stone!  Actually, I won’t do that – I’ve got things that I could do a much better job presenting than something new I’m just learning.

Okay, so now, take a look at the bold words in the first paragraph: “See”, “3 P” and “OH” or C3PO – that’s my tool to remember my resolutions.  If you are still reading – may the force be with you!

C3P0 - The 3 Ps for 2011

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